Insurance Companies

List of insurance companies in Dubai

1.ALICO-American Life Insurance Co. (GRID E4)
2.Abu Dhabi National Insurance Co. (GRID D3)
3.Adamjee Insurance Company Ltd (Br) (GRID D2)
4.Afia Insurance Brokerage Services (GRID C3)
5.Ahmad Mohd Al Tayer & Partner Insurance Services- Al Jafliya (GRID B3)
6.Ahmad Mohd Al Tayer & Partner Insurance Services- Al Murqabat (GRID D3)
7.Al Ahlia General Insurance Brokers (GRID B3)
8.Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Co. (Br) (GRID D3)
9.Al Alamiya Insurance Co. Ltd. (Br) (GRID E3)
10.Al Buhaira National Insurance Co. (Br) (GRID D4)
11.Al Dawliyah Insurance Services (GRID B3)
12.Al Dhafra Insurance Co. (GRID D6)
13.Al Fares Insurance Services (GRID B3)
14.Al Hosson Insurance Brokers (Br) (GRID B3)
15.Al Ittihad Al Watani (GRID D5)
17.Al Mashreq Al Arabi Insurance Co. (GRID C4)
18.Al Mawared Al Wataniyah Insurance Services Est. (GRID B3)
19.Al Rowais Insurance Brokers (GRID B3)
20.Al Saqr National Insurance Co. (GRID D6)
21.Al Wasl Insurance Brokers Co. (GRID B3)
22.Alliance Insurance (Br) – Al Rega (GRID D2)
23.Alliance Insurance – Al Murqabat (GRID E4)
24.Arab Orient Insurance Co. (GRID D5)
25.Arabian Insurance Co. Ltd. (GRID D3)
26.Arabian Scandinavian Insurance Co. (GRID D5)
27.Assicurazioni General (Br) (GRID C3)
28.Baynoona Insurance Services (GRID B3)
29.Dubai Insurance Company (GRID D4)
30.Eagle Star (International Life) Ltd. (GRID C3)
31.Europea Insurance Management Holdings Ltd. (GRID A4)
32.Fujairah National Insurance Co. (Br) (GRID D3)
33.Islamic Arab Insurance Co. (GRID F4)
35.Juelmin Insurance Services – Al Jafliya (GRID B3)
36.Juelmin Insurance Services – Al Khabeesi (GRID D4)
37.Lebanon Insurance Co. (GRID D3)
38.National General Insurance Co. Ltd. (GRID D4)
39.Oman Public Shareholding Insurance Co. (Br) (GRID C2)
40.Qatar General Insurance and Re Insurance Co. (GRID F4)
41.Qatar Insurance Co. (GRID D4)
42.Ras Al Khaima National Insurance Co. (GRID D3)
43.Royal International Insurance Holdings Ltd. (GRID D4)
44.Sharjah Insurance and Reinsurance Co. (GRID D4)
45.State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan (GRID D2)
46.Target Insurance Services Co. (GRID E4)
47.The Equitable Life Insurance Society (Br) (GRID C3)
48.The New India Insurance Company Ltd. (GRID C2)
49.The Northern Insurance Co. Ltd. (GRID A3)
50.Trust Insurance Brokers (GRID B3)
51.United Insurance Co. (GRID D3)
16.Al Khazna Insurance Co. (Br) (GRID D4) 34.Jordan Insurance Co. Ltd. (GRID D4) 52.Zurich Life Insurance Co.(Br) (GRID C2)

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